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Enough is enough…or not really?

Talking to a friend recently, he raised the point about the local TVs not showing enough news on China but instead broadcasted things like the US Secretary of Defense speaking at the graduation ceremony of the West Point Military Academy which seems to have little relevance to us in Hong Kong.

There is every reason for us to maintain a global perspective on many issues but as Klemens von Metternich famously remarked some 200 years ago during the Napoleonic era: “When France sneezes, the whole of Europe will catch a cold!” The same can certainly be said about the impact to Hong Kong from Mainland China, who is not just our sovereign parent, but also the most populated country and the second largest economy. Whatever one’s impression about China may be, it seems important to

know more about the happenings there to have

a better understanding.

But before we definitively say the news coverage on China to be too little, let’s find out exactly what the situation is. Yours truly spent an hour in the morning and another hour in the evening to watch the news channel of TVB and Now TV respectively (total 4 hours) and noted roughly the following split:


HK news 32% 13%

China news 5% 10%

Int’l/other news 18% 15%

Special feature 6% 27%

Financial news 11% 1%

Sports news 2% 5%

Weather 4% 2%

Advertisement/PR 22% 27%

OK…the sample size is not big. Some of the “international/other news” were related to China (such as when Biden and Putin spoke about China) and the “special feature” is mostly on HK issues. We are not making a judgment here and each of you can decide whether the above coverage proportions might be sufficient to allow a better understanding of China.

Now let’s go back to our favourite subject…and that’s wine (of course) as the following are new stock arriving over the weekend:

2008 Deutz Cuvee William Deutz (WA95 at HK$1,150) – Our favourite Champagne house offers this with a complex, concentrated, slightly chalky bouquet, and a pure and persistent palate, ending with a fresh and stimulating finish.

2018 Petrolo Boggina B (JS97 at HK$420) – Out of Trebbiano, the predominant white grape varietal of Tuscany, this is a pure and sophisticated wine that offers notes of honey, peach, flower, toasted almond and a little spice, all delivered with focus and sharpness.

2005 La Fleur Morange (RP96 at HK$760/bottle) – From a tiny St-Emilion estate (350 cases production), this Bordeaux red offers a superb bouquet of acacia flowers, dark fruits and crushed rocks with the body in a rich, concentrated style.

2010 Le Carre (RP95 at HK$1,100/bottle) – Our new finding…this microscopic St-Emilion estate (300 cases per year) was making this substantial, powerful wine with strong notes of black fruits intermixed with camphor and flowers and a juicy texture.

2012 Passopisciaro Contrada Porcaria (WA95 at HK$580/bottle) – Our first ever offer of a wine from Sicily (Italy), this is from one of the best estates there out of 80-years old vines of Nerello Mascalese, a grape varietal thought to be originating from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Because of the volcanic soil around Mount Etna, this rigorous wine has a high mineral definition on top of the soft fruits and notes of crushed granite and pencil shaving.

2010 Ca’ del Baio Barbaresco Asili (WA95 at HK $380) – Don’t judge this Italian wine by its price as it is a top notched achievement that shows class and sophistication. There is a polished mineral tone augmented by flavours of wild berry, chopped mint and a touch of white pepper. It is long and smooth on the finish.

1999 d'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz (RP96 at HK$550/bottle) – Full-bodied and awesome red from Down Under out of 90+ years old vines, it boosts rich notes of dark fruits, cherry liquer, licorice and pepper. The palate is masculine and of great intensity, with tannins already softened at this stage.

2006 Shirvington Shiraz (WA95 at HK$330/bottle) – Super textured and full-bodied red from southern Australia, it reveals a splendid bouquet of blueberry, smoke, bacon, grilled meat and pencil lead. The palate is complex, a little spicy and well balanced.

Thank you for reading as we would also encourage you to browse our website to view our full wine list. Purchases can be made through the website or by sending us an e-mail or simply WhatsApp 9195-7383. Your support is really appreciated.


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