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What really is wine?

Well, that depends on who is doing the talking. The legal and regulatory definition can be broad. After all, that is written by the same gang that collects all the taxes. In fact, most of what they would call wine is just a product to convey alcohol to imbibers at the equilibrium point triangulated between lowest possible cost of production, highest possible concentration of alcohol, and highest possible degree of producer and distributor profitability.


Vinopolis LLC inspired us in that their definition revolves more around what a sip does for you as opposed to what it does to you. They want to sell only wines that offer enhancement. Enhancement of the meal, enhancement of moment, of mind, of time, of place and more. Wines that put beauty in the eye of the beholder. They need not be expensive, majestic, nor even memorable. But they must enhance.


The alcohol is there. It is the tradition and the process, but it is not the purpose.

Vinopolis Hong Kong has been set up with the same philosophy, to offer wine lovers things that are of great value and which will enhance one’s life experience.

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