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Happy New Year!!!

As we close out on 2018 and are busy preparing to celebrate the New Year Eve, is it not also a time to think ahead? We may all have forgotten there to be this thing called the New Year Resolution which we used to make but probably disregarded soon after. Should we be more serious this time round? And there are a few suggestions for you to consider:

- Have a meal with your parent(s) at least once every two weeks

- Eat out with your husband/wife at least once every two weeks, just the two of you, bring a bottle of wine, and not checking your cell phone every three minutes when you are at the restaurant

- Get rid of one bad habit (you to decide what that may be)

- Read a book

- Do a sport regularly, the easiest can be jogging or just take a 20-minute walk after dinner

- As we see so much food wasted especially during a group meal, try always order one dish less than what you might initially think to be enough. One can always add if in the end, people still have appetite for more.

Coming back to wine, we encourage you to browse our website and click “SHOP” to see the many new items we have recently added, not least the Spanish wines which can be real gems in terms of greatness and value. Examples are:

2004 Finca Villacreces (WA95) at HK$300/bottle – A full bodied red wine made of predominantly the Tempranillo grape type and blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, offering an expressive bouquet of wild berries, black fruit and mocha/expresso. It is well balanced and giving a long finish.

2010 Pie Franco Casa Castillo (WA95) at HK$300/bottle – A meaty, spicy red wine from south Spain of medium to full body made mainly from the Monastrell grape varietal with some Shiraz and Grenache.

2004 Benjamin Romeo la Vina de Andres (WA98) at HK$1,150/bottle – If you want a real treat with a great Rioja, this is the one. Because of the small production, it is also hard to find as, for example, only 200 bottles were exported to the US. The wine is almost purple in colour, with an aroma of blackberry, smoke and a trace of lead pencil. After all the development in the bottle, it is beginning to drink well and, like a great Bordeaux, it can also be kept for another 40 years.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. We want to wish everyone all the very best for 2019 and remember, drink well but drink responsibly!!!


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