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What is this thing “taste”?

Most of us have been to more than a few wine tasting sessions. As we go through the flight of wines, how many would find it hard to explain exactly what our individual nasal and oral experiences are? Describing taste, or the perception of that, indeed can make one feeling really insecure. It almost creates an anxiety as one can’t help admiring the likes of Robert Parker et al for their prowess of vocabulary to make an alcoholic drink sounding so complicated and sophisticated. They probably also claim to have better noses and tongues than all of us.

What is then the suggestion to us folks who just happen to like wine? First of all, taste of wine is not to come with studying but something we gather by experience, the very notion of “acquired taste”. While the sense of taste is almost universal, preferences are subjective and can therefore be entirely personal. We may be novice of wine but we don’t need to be distrustful of our own sense of taste. It is what it is to YOU. As one friend puts it: “the wine is good if I want to continue with a second sip!” Reading books and wine reports are useful but that will only carry you so far. Ultimately, wines can only be discovered by drinking. So go explore the world of wine by filling up your glasses, all in a responsible manner, of course, and be true to yourself.

Coming back to Vinopolis Hong Kong, we encourage you to browse our website and click “SHOP” to see our wine list. This may just be the time to re-stock after the joyful consumption over Chinese New Year. Highlights of our latest additions include:

2009 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 (WA95) at HK$350/bottle – A great Spanish wine at such is of medium body, with a polished palate showing dark berries, a hint of spice and has a long finish.

2008 Ducru-Beaucaillou (RP95) at HK$1,080/bottle – Among the top St-Julien producers whose wines are always elegant but not without power, with its 2008 vintage offering probably the best value.

2011 Clinet (RP95) at HK$630 /bottle – From Pomerol of Bordeaux, a blockbuster and one of the most impressive wine of this vintage, flamboyant and with an abundance of black fruits.

2015 Guigal Condieu la Doriane (WA99) at HK$750/bottle – Our all-time favourite white wine is back in stock. It has such a floral nose, with a massively rich body and yet so elegant and graceful.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support….and happy drinking!!!


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