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Is wine still important?

First of all, our apology to bombard you with another newsletter within a week but we are not to sell you anything this time. The pandemic and the recent death of George Floyd with the subsequent protests around the World against racism have dwarfed many aspects of life on a personal level. Events in Hong Kong during the past 12 months have changed the way we look at things too. Do all that make wine lovers still spending time in our indulgence look insensitive human beings? We certainly question ourselves…

On reflection, life has to continue no matter what happens. It is by living with a positive attitude then we can look for and make changes and improvements. And that includes not only work but also be able to enjoy oneself, of course not at the detriment of others. As we said when we started operation two years ago, good wines could enhance one’s experience in life.

One could also think of the multiplying effect when consuming a bottle of wine…the farmers, the wine makers and all those in the supply chain, including the shop or restaurant staff serving you. They are all in very difficult situations when the economy in so many places have been badly impacted more recently. We are a small business not generating big impact even by any stretch of imagination. But by continuing, we feel that we are nevertheless making a contribution.

For us young folks, we do see a bright future. Hope you feel the same too.


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