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The Art of Doing Nothing?

First of all, Happy New Year as we all look forward to a better 2021. While 2020 was difficult for most of us especially those who themselves or had their loved ones falling sick to COVID, we may still want to console ourselves on all that we still have rather than what we might have otherwise gained. And even in the worst of circumstance, we must not lose hope and creativity as the following story illustrates.

The Japanese gentleman Shoji Morimoto was in his 30’s and married. He’s well educated with a master degree but somewhat of an introvert. He worked hard but eventually got unemployed. Rather than being idle at home, he launched himself in 2018 as a service provider who actually did nothing. He would make himself available from 08:30 to 22:00 to anyone who needed someone’s physical presence. The client only would pay for Shoji’s cost of transportation, food and drinks where necessary. As it turned out, most clients insisted on paying him extra. Among his many experiences as a person who did nothing, Shoji was asked to accompany someone to walk the dog; to attend a wedding ceremony with a person who had no other friends going; to accompany a woman as she submitted a divorce report because she was lonely; to be with a man on a civil trial, just so he could feel supported by somebody. In all those situations, he only committed to just being there, by the client’s side, listened to them and at the most gave very short replies. And guess what, not only Shoji-san is now busy with many client engagements, there is a TV series based on him and his Twitter account has 270,000 followers!!!

Some of you may think it absurd. We merely want to point out the possibilities out of what looks like a complete vacuum if one is creative and service oriented.

OK…back to wines and we are pleased to recommend a few of our recent additions:

2009 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee (WA96) at $830/bottle – From 60-year old vines by this family owned Champagne house now in the hands of the 5th generation, it opens with a lovely bouquet of lemon oil and dry white flowers. On the palate, it is full bodied and with energy and tension. This is a wine that merits ardent pursuit.

2015 Domaine du Tunnel St. Peray pur Blanc (WA95) at $550/bottle – Rhone whites have always been our favourite with this one from 100-year old vines. The medium bodied and elegant wine offers sensational notes of caramelized peaches, brioche, crushed rock and white flowers with a great finish.

2017 Albert Boxler Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg Eckberg (WA96) at $580/bottle – Dry Riesling from Alsace with a flinty nose and intense notes of crushed rocks, lime and grapefruit, very fine tannins and a finish of great length.

2010 Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard (WA96) at $550/bottle – A concentrated Melbec from a top Argentinian producer, the wine displays notes of flowers, ripe black fruit with spice and aromatic herbs.

2009 Le Gay (WA98) at $1,000/bottle – Medium to full bodied red from Pomerol (Bordeaux) with exquisite texture and freshness framing a vibrant, multi layered black fruits and hints of pencil shavings, finishing long and perfumed. Great wine!!!

2015 Faiveley Clos des Cortons Grand Cru (VN96) at $1,450/bottle – Arguably the signature red among the broad offering of this Burgundy estate, the “monopole” Clos des Cortons is a monster, hugely rich, even chewy with its sweet tannins, and offering the flavour of black cherry, licorice and dark chocolate. Drinkable now but it is almost a crime not to allow for further development of the wine’s enormous potential.

2018 Vina Zorzal Senora de Las Alturas (WA95) at $260/bottle – A nicely textured wine with great harmony from Spain out of the Garnacha (Spanish for Grenache) grape varietal…very good value and only 1,300 bottles produced.

2013 Dal Forno Valpolicella Superiore Vigneto Monte Lodoletta (WA95) at $650/bottle – Full bodied and opulent Amarone with a thick mouthfeel as one is treated with a strong combination of black fruit, tar, spice, smoke and barbecue flavours.

2013 Tua Rita Giusto di Notri (WA98) at $500/bottle – Our favourite Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Tuscany is back, and this time with it highest ever rated vintage. A powerful gorgeous wine with plenty of black fruits, spice, blue flowers and rose bud…strongly recommended.

Thank you for reading as we would also encourage you to browse our website to view our full wine list. Purchases can be made through this online platform, by sending us an e-mail or just WhatsApp to 9195-7383.


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