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The Joy of Travelling

It is always good to travel every now and then. Although modern communication technology manages to link us together wherever we are, a vacation overseas still allows more of a detachment from one’s everyday commitments and as such provides greater relaxation. On that note, yours truly would apologize for the somewhat lack of service to you for those two weeks in mid-August.

Visiting countries can be rewarding in that it provides the opportunity to learn about history, foreign cultures and lifestyles. Any travelling foodie will confess the enjoyment out of trying local food, not only to satisfy the taste buds but often in discovering the stories behind. And just a few examples from the recent trip to Central Europe:

Top left picture – The brownish heavy-looking Sacher Torte from the Vienna area turned out to be much lighter without compromising on the flavour…supposed out of the recipe first developed in the early 19th Century for the then Austrian statesman Metternich who was very health conscious and wished to maintain a good posture without a big fat tummy.

Middle right picture – the Austrian version of the Goulash which is consumed for late breakfast and to be washed down with a small beer!!!

Middle left picture – The Unicum, the national drink of Hungary, a herbal liqueur at 40% alcohol that was first created around 1790 and apparently the favourite beverage of the then Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II while your truly found it resembling more to Chinese liniment…definitely an acquired taste for those who like it!!!

Back to wine and we are listing some of our latest additions here. Specifically, you will see a few dry Rieslings from the Mosel area. Mosel is situated in south-west Germany close to Alsace (France) and Luxemburg. While the best and rarest Rieslings can be hard to find and at great costs, there are some really good ones that are quite affordable. Dry Riesling is very versatile and will serve well as just a pleasant drink or pairing with a variety of food, not least Chinese cuisine and especially spicy food too. It is a wine that can be enjoyed when young but having great aging potential as well.

Anyway, take a look below and also feel free to go to our website to browse the full wine list. Purchases can be made through the website or by sending us an e-mail or simply WhatsApp 9195-7383.

2019 Peter Lauer Ayler Kupp Riesling GG Fass 18 (JS95 at HK$280/bottle) – Beautiful German dry Riesling with flavour of peach and a creamy, succulent texture. Anyone having a few sips will find this white so enjoyable, sinking into its richness and subtlety.

2019 Schloss Lieser Graacher Himmelreich Riesling GG (WA95 at HK$350/bottle) – Another German dry Riesling that is very clear, fresh and flinty on the pure, precise and stone nose that shows coolish but concentrated white fruits intermixed with notes of slate. Silky, lush and piquant, this is an impressive, perfectly balanced white with a spectacular long finish.

2019 Heymann-Lowenstein Winninger Uhlen Riesling GG Blaufusser Lay (WA95 at HK$380/bottle) – Yet another German dry Riesling that is a step up in name if not rating, this one pairing the flinty/stony purity of crushed slate with the ripeness of fruit. Round and almost creamy on the palate, it is crystalline and extremely elegant, with lingering juiciness and is very stimulating.

2020 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Rangen de Thann Clos Saint Urban (WA96 at HK$500/bottle) – From the Alsace region of France, this golden-colour white opens with ripe pear, chocolate, coriander and flinty aromas. On the palate, it is rich, fresh, lively, piquant and showing a hint of grapefruit bitterness. There are fine tannins and the finish is long and powerful.

2009 Coursodon Saint Joseph Paradis Saint Pierre (WA96 at HK$300/bottle) – Red from the Rhone Valley of France, it has a perfumed smell like a flower garden in full bloom intermixed with blackberry, black raspberry with a touch of graphite. A wine of superb intensity and full-bodied power revealing stunning integration of acidity, tannin, wood and alcohol, this St-Joseph is made like haute couture and is seamless and profound in its richness of aroma and flavour.

2009 Phelan Segur (VN95 at HK$560/bottle) – This good valued Bordeaux red for an A+ vintage has a generous and exotic bouquet of plush red cherry, red currant and soy. The palate is medium-bodied with a gentle grip and tension towards the finish that is pure class. One of the best from this estate.

2020 Descendientes de Jose Palacios Villa de Corullon (WA97 at HK$330/bottle) – Reds from the region Bierzo are often referred to as the Burgundies of Spain, with this one a good example which is delicate, ethereal and full of flowers, red fruits and super fine tannins that give the wine a velvety texture with no rusticity. The overall balance between elegance and energy makes it very enjoyable and seems a no-brainer at such a valued price.

2005 Hacienda Monasterio Reserva (WA95 at HK$450/bottle) – This Spanish red is 80/20 Tempranillo/Cabernet Sauvignon, giving an alluring nose of wood smoke, mineral, Asian spices, lavender and black berry. Powerful on the palate, there is complexity and harmony at the same time.

2016 Ulysses Cabernet Sauvignon (JS99 at HK$980/bottle) – This Napa red from a winery with the same ownership of Dominus and also Ch. Petrus (of Bordeaux) offers aromas of sweet berries, fresh herbs and licorice. It is full-bodied and the velvety tannins are providing a very polished textured that is layered and harmonious. Fascinating…

Thank you for reading and stay safe as Typhoon Saola is approaching…


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