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Wine can be a journey…

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Wine is a big subject and that’s why when friends praise our “expertise”, we would readily concede that, using the academic hierarchy as a reference point, we are probably only at the junior high level. Consider the fact that there are more than 60 countries and each having many regions producing wines out of reportedly some 10,000 grape varietals, adding the impacts of climate, geography and the processes of individual wine makers, the permutations are just incredibly large. It is no exaggeration to suggest the need of several decades if not longer to be a real expert. We like to look at it being a journey of discovery which will take time for sure. Anybody doing it will be rewarded with excitements, enjoyment and enhancement of any occasions that come along, not least the knowledge of wine of course but also the World and humanity.

That is why at times we want to carry wines that might not be the most popular, at least not for the Hong Kong market. They may not even have the highest ratings by critics but we like to think of them part of that journey offering the opportunity of exploration. And on that note, we are highlighting this time:

  • A top range sweet Riesling and a Pinot Noir from Germany

  • A red and a white from Switzerland where the wineries are typically small with the wines mostly for the domestic market and therefore one doesn’t always see their presence in Asia

  • A white from NE Italy out of the Friulano grape varietal

  • A white from the UK as the country (when global warming getting more serious) is attracting a lot of attention because of its cooler climate than the likes of France and Italy. With its sparkling wines already highly praised, we want to see how their whites are doing

  • Our new offer of a single-vineyard Reserve Pinot which have got the highest rating ever for Donum Estate

2011 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese (WA97 at HK$4,380/half bottle) – Any of you who read our newsletter dated March 10 of 2021 would have known that the oldest wine existing today is a certain sweet wine from Germany. German sweet Rieslings are certainly among the most expensive whites in the World too. And you may want to try this one to have a glimpse of what they are like. Belonging to the highest classification of its kind, it is viscous, creamy and persistently vibrant, offering the flavours of pear, honey, marzipan and a hint of nuts. Probably not something you will drink daily but there is no doubt what an impression you will be left with after a few sips.

2019 Rudolf Fürst Burgstadter Centgrafenberg Spatburgunder GG (WA96 at HK$650/bottle) – Germany is not famous for its red wines but there are some really good ones. We have this quite full-bodied Pinot Noir which offers an intensely aromatic cherry bouquet and a palate that is complex, intense yet elegant and fresh, leading to a lingering and somewhat saline finish.

2019 Domaine des Muses Petite Arvine Tradition (NR at HK$360/bottle) – This Swiss white is not yet rated but most of the previous vintages have been rated over 90 points. The wine typically has a precisely clear, fresh and flinty bouquet of crushed stones intertwined with green mango and passion fruit aromas. The palate is very elegant and slightly saline with minerality.

2017 Gantenbein Pinot Noir (WA94 at HK$1,380/bottle) – From Switzerland, this red first hits you with abundant fruits on the nose. The palate is concentrated and lush, very elegant and yet intense. The structure is generous, having a lot of freshness and minerality, all to make this a very good wine to consume now but even more promising down the road.

2018 Vie di Romans Dolee (WA95 at HK$350/bottle) – Excellent white from the Friuli area of Italy out of the Friulano grape varietal, the aroma is that of stony fruit, citrus, sage and honey. The texture has a sweet softness, almost creamy, giving it weight and closing with a pristine, mineral finish.

2018 Danbury Ridge Estate Chardonnay (WA90 at HK$280/bottle) – This English white offers aromas of citrus blossom, mandarin and other orchard fruits, framed by subtle hints of nutmeg to give a full-bodied, textural and fresh palate, concluding with a mouthwatering and exotic finish.

2018 Donum Mikado Tree Reserve Pinot Noir (JS97 at HK$800/bottle) – We want to round off this newsletter with a Donum “reserve” wine inspired by Pascale Marthine Tayou’s sculpture sitting spectacularly within the vineyard (see picture above). The inspiration of the art piece is based on the children game “pick-up sticks” and the wine rightfully is exuberant, playful and full of energy. The nose offers aromas of wild blueberry, blackberry, cassis and sage, exiting with black pepper notes and an intense, juicy finish.

Thank you for reading and hope you will find some of the above interesting. Please feel free to go to our website to browse the full wine list. Purchases can be made through the website or by sending us an e-mail or simply WhatsApp 9195-7383.


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