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In Search of Excellence?

Are you frequently looking to expand your wine experience and in doing so, spending time to research wine websites or browsing through the shelves of many a wine shop? Still it is always a bit of a gamble trying to pick what you think you might like.

And this may be something of help…

Our idea is that by pre-paying HK$4,000 (the Silver Program) or HK$6,000 (the Gold Program), you will receive our curation of 3 bottles of wines in early June/August/October i.e. total 9 bottles. The wines are all rated 95 points or above by the likes of the Wine Advocate, the Wine Spectator, James Suckling or Vinous and selected based on certain preference criteria pre-specified by you. In the Gold Program, the wines will come from more established producers/wine regions when compared with those offered by the Silver Program. In addition to our insight in selecting these wines, it will actually work out to be more economical than if you were to buy these wines individually from our website.

In December, we will invite all Silver and Gold Program members to our office for a tasting event during which one can meet like-minded folks to share the experience and exchanging ideas while enjoying wines and snacks.

Interested? Please e-mail us in the next 2 weeks providing:

  1. Your name / E-mail / Telephone number / Address

  2. Whether you wish to join the Silver or Gold Program

  3. Your wine preference:

  • Red only

  • Sweet and white wine acceptable (no more than 1 bottle each time)

  • Wines from the New World (Australia, New Zealand, US, Argentina, Chile) acceptable

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to go to our website and in particular the “France Other Red” section of SHOP to see the recently added items, among them many highly rated Rhone wines . You might just find something fitting your palate!


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