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Getting to know Pinot Noir…

Most of us in Hong Kong probably started our wine journey with reds from Bordeaux or Australia. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah all can produce greatly enjoyable wines with sumptuous nose and of fuller bodies. But we must not overlook the other very important grape varietal Pinot Noir.

The name “Pinot Noir” is derived from the French words “Pine” and “Black” which allude to the grapes’ colour and that they are tightly clustered into the shape of a pine cone. The grape varietal typically would grow best in a slightly cooler environment and is widely used to produce wine in Burgundy (France), Northern

California and Oregon (US), Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and some parts of Australia. It is also used to produce sparkling wines in Champagne and Italy.

To the growers and wine makers, Pinot Noir can be frustrating and at times infuriating as it is more susceptible than most grape varietals to diseases and damages by poor weather. Because of the thinness of its skin, Pinot Noir wines are typically medium bodied, lighter in colour, less tannic and reflecting the characters of red fruits rather than black fruits. The not so good ones tend to be unfulfilling but when done right, the wine can be sublime, extremely elegant, complex and of longevity. If the one word to best describe the character of Cabernet Sauvignon is “hedonism”, and “power” for Syrah, then surely it should be “love” for Pinot Noir. No wonder some of the most sought-after wines (and therefore at astronomical prices) are from Burgundy.

If you are not familiar with Pinot Noir, we are putting together an introductory package of 6 bottles at a special price of HK$2,800. The package consists of Pinot Noir from a few regions and hopefully will bring you a new experience. The 6 bottles are:

2008 Louis Boillot NSG 1er Cru les Pruliers (WA94) – A good entry to the world of Burgundy red as this wine wraps your palate with a gorgeous, totally exquisite core of fruit. The finish is layered, vibrant and with harmony.

2017 Mure Pinot Noir Clos Saint Landelin (JS96) – This is Pinot Noir from the Alsace region of France. A medium bodied wine that is very elegant and a true discovery by yours truly.

2015 Lutum Gap's Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir (VN95) – Great value Californian Pinot with ripe, racy fruits and savoury overtones of blood orange, sage, mint and together with the soft tannin, giving the wine both aroma and weight.

2016 Donum Anderson Valley Estate Pinot Noir (JS96) – From the Sonoma (US) winery we so proudly represent in Hong Kong, the wine has aromas of redwood, pine and lavender, with cranberry, raspberry, plum and cherry joining to give an intensive nose. The palate is of focused red fruit flavours, hemmed by fine-grained tannins and freshness that carries through a long finish.

2017 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir Old Vines (VN96) – From Oregon (US) out of vines more than 40 years old, this wine offers a complex bouquet of red fruits along with Asian spice, rose oil and smoky minerals; its seamless texture, the long finish with a gentle grip all to generate a lingering experience.

2016 Domaine Thomson Surveyor Thomson Pinot Noir (WA91) – From New Zealand, it has a silky texture and is generous on the palate, with scents of grilled cherry and a hint of beetroot, all making this a great effort and very enjoyable wine.

Thank you for reading as we would also encourage you to browse our website to view our full wine list. Purchase of the above Pinot Noir package should be made by sending us an e-mail or WhatsApp to 9195-7383. Your support is really appreciated.


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